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Frequently Asked Question

Shipping Rates?

$3.00 for all orders under $25.00 USD

FREE Shipping for all orders of $25.00 USD or more.

Shipping Times

United States:

All products shipped from the the U.S. and sent to a U.S. address are filled in 1-2 business days and shipped to their arriving destination in 5-7 business days. 

All products shipped from Europe and sent to a U.S. address carry an estimated 12-15 day shipping time. 

IMPORTANT NOTE! Because we are an international store, there are instances where your order may get held at customs or other ports of entry. If this occurs, this may extend your wait for your order. This is not a common occurrence but it can happen. Boutique Pieces cannot control what your government does and cannot be held responsible for delayed orders that are held at customs or other ports of entry. If your package is held at customs or another port of entry, please contact them in order to expedite the release of your product(s).


All products Shipped from Europe and sent to a European address carry an estimated 3-6 day shipping time.

All products shipped from Asia and sent to a European address carry an estimated 12-25 day shipping time. 

We do not currently offer shipments from the U.S. to Europe (we are working on this)

Where are my Products shipping from and which ones can I Buy?

United States: All products marked "U.S. Shipping" ship from within the United States.

U.S./Euro: All products that fall under the menu tab "European Fashion" are available to both European and U.S. based customers and ship from Europe. Our European suppliers currently ship from Poland, Germany, Italy and Hungary.

Europe: All products that fall under the menu tab "European Only" are only available to our European customers and cannot be shipped to the United States. 

Asia: All products that fall under the menu tab "Asia" are available to all customers from the United States and Europe. 

Returns & Exchanges


If you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason, you may return it for a full refund. Simply email us at and you will be given an address to send your unwanted product to. Once we have your returned item(s) we will issue your refund. Boutique Pieces reserves the right to add a 20% restocking fee on all orders that are returned that are greater than $100. 


If your item is the wrong size or if you'd simply like to exchange it, simply email us at Once we have received your returned item we will ship your newly requested item right away. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: New items cannot be added to your exchange. Exchanges can only be for the items sent back. If you'd like to receive additional items, please place a new order. 

How do I take Advantage of the Featured Promotion?

Any time you purchase an item from our Featured Promotion list, you can choose another item from that list for 50% off. Simply select 2 items from the Featured promotion list and the discount will be applied at checkout. All Featured Promotion purchases come with Free shipping even if your order is less than $25.00 USD

European Featured Promotions: 

For our European Customers, if you would like to take part in our Featured promotion discounts, please choose items only from the "Euro Promo" menu tab. 

Other Discounts:

In order to receive additional discounts and be a part of larger promotions, please signup for our Monthly newsletter. You'll also want to keep an eye on our FB and IG feeds for flash sales that are only shown on our social media feeds. 



Earn Free Products!

Purchase any product from and email us with a short video of you wearing your product with a brief description about yourself - your name, where you live and what you like about the product as well as anything else you might like to say. Please limit videos to no more than 60 seconds. 

We will choose the best videos each month and use them for promotion on our social media pages. Winners will receive a $100.00 USD store voucher to use for the products of their choice from our store. You may enter as many times per month as you'd like with as many products as you'd like. 

There are no limits on how much you can win and earn. 

Email Submissions to: and put $100 Submission in the subject line. Please provide your name, city and country of origin in the body of your email as well as the name on your order if it differs from the name in your submission. 

Important Notes:
1. Offer does not apply to fashion accessories such as scarves, glasses, etc. 

2. You must make a purchase in order to enter the contest. If you win a $100 voucher you cannot use your free items to enter the contest again. If you'd like to enter again you'll need to purchase a new product. 

3. If you make a purchase from our Featured Promotion or Featured Euro Promotion list, you can use these items for your entry.